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if applying to both spring and fall and accepting spring, what about fall?


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I am thinking about applying to different graduate programs (maybe in the same or different universities) for admission in spring and in fall next year.


If I am accepted into some spring program, start in that program, and later some other fall program accept me, can I leave the spring program and start in the fall program?



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because when the spring result is finalized, the result of fall hasn't come out yet. i don't want to waste the spring admission if there is any, and who knows i may not have fall admission.


if the fall result is better than the spring one, can i switch to the fall program?


by the way, the spring programs that i will apply to will likely be master programs without financial aid, and the fall ones may or may not have financial aid.


Interested to know why you would do that?

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Can you?  Yes, of course you could, technically.  There's nothing stopping you from doing that, unless the program has a specific clause about it.


Should you?  That's a different question.  I would personally say no.  Academia is a small world, and word may get around that you started somewhere in the spring just to start somewhere while you were still waiting on other programs.  I think you should either apply to programs that all have the same start time, or you should decide whether you would rather begin in the spring at your #2 or #3 choice than wait to hear back from the fall programs for your #1 choice.

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