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Mixed race and white-passing?


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Any other mixed people out there?


What about white-passing mixed?


What did you put for race on your application?  White, or Mixed?  


I feel like anyone who sees me would think I'm white, but I'm actually also part Black.  My heritage is important to me, but I do experience light-skinned privilege due to my skin tone.


Thanks in advance!

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I kinda agree with msdarjeeling...I consider myself to be multi-racial as opposed to biracial, despite the fact that my mother identifies as white (she is half Japanese) and my father identified as black (he was about a quarter native American) so I check all that apply. The only thing that irks me is when forms disallow multi selections, don't provide a multi-racial option and only give an alternative choice of 'other'. To me, other implies something outside the normal...I never answer the question when its like this. Im proud to say what I identify as...but 'other' does not accomplish this.

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I am half-Chinese and half-British. I always like to tick off both boxes. Being multiracial/mixed/hapa is an important part of my identity, and matters to me even on these silly forms.


However, for the Scripps application, they have the following options and I can only select one! There is no "other" or "decline to answer" option, which is really bothering me because it's so close-minded... I'm not sure which one I should pick. Luckily they can't judge anything based on this! (it's a policy in California)


American Indian or Alaskan Native


Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Black or African American

Hispanic or Latino


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