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Good MFA Painting Programs in the UK and Ireland


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Hi all, due to some unforeseen developments in my personal life, it might be more beneficial to me if I get my MFA in the UK or Ireland, instead of the US, where I had originally planned. If anyone can give me any kind of guidance as to what programs are good and what funding opportunities there are for American students, I would be eternally grateful. I'm mostly a figurative painter with a touch of surrealism. My work is here: 



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I've been doing some research into overseas schools, and the best ones I've found are Glasgow School of Art, University College London (Slade), Royal College of Art, and Goldsmiths. All have their various reasons. There's some information if you search the forum, as well as an article which I have uploaded here: http://www.alupton.com/files/gimgs/schooling.pdf


Hope that helps.

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GSA does not offer much funding, and you can't even apply for scholarships until after you've accepted your spot- so you might want to do some research and see if other places will give you funding offers earlier. It would be a shame to get in and accept a spot there and then find out that you'll receive no funding. That said, living expenses in Glasgow are so minimal that paying your tuition in full here plus living expenses might still be cheaper than living in London with partial funding. 


As far as Ireland, I've heard good things about NCAD. 

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They are all really good schools with great reputations and alumni. It is really important to extensively research the schools and visit them if possible. Who you will be working with is really vital so make sure you do your own research rather than gathering other peoples opinions in order to establish a general consensus. Everyones experience is different. 


Unfortunately as an international student it is highly unlikely that you will get any funding first year. There are usually funding opportunities second year. I attend the RCA and my tuition is 26 thousand pounds a year. I had to apply for grants and scholarships external from my institution and within Canada. The Glasgow School of Art, Slade and Goldsmiths have a significantly less tuition, however, as far as I know they operate similar with funding. If you are looking for a full ride the UK is definitely not the place.


I really love the RCA. I almost went to the Glasgow School of Art because tuition was half the price but I decided to visit the RCA for my interview and met the tutors and was completely sold. Even research can be somewhat obscured. I recommend doing as much as you are able to in order to get the information that you need. If you can't visit, don't be afraid to email the head of the department or tutors that you are interested in. I have some friends in the painting program at the RCA. If you are interested in that school pm me and I can put you in touch with them!


Good luck!

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