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Would you really rather "just be rejected?"


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I would totally rather "just be rejected" because then I could go on with my life! Right now I have to entertain the three options I have because I haven't heard anything yet: 1. Get in with funding and basically live in a state of perpetual bliss, 2. Get in without funding and scramble for funds (ie get a full-time job until the Fall), or 3. Get a full-time job and think about whether I want to try this process all over again. I don't feel like I can commit to anything until I know, so right now a plain rejected would let me do that.

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Rejected over wait-listed, or rejected instead of waiting forever to hear back about a decision in general?

'Cause I'm wait-listed at Columbia, and initially, in between gasps and sobs and clumps of mascara streaking down from my face, I was like, "ugh why couldn't they just reject me, this feels terrible!"

And then I got over it in a few days and realized eh, I'm fine with being wait-listed. I mean, it's nothing for me to be ashamed of or upset about (even though I'm envious of everyone who was accepted, and that envy comes from a not-so-nice place, but I'm working on it, I promise), as I didn't bank all my hopes on that school and whatever.

Funny/irritating story, though...my parents don't want to deal with the fact I didn't get in, and have told me they're going to lie to their friends and say I got in everywhere I applied. Which is irritating to say the least. Grr. Here I am trying to not feel bad about getting wait-listed...Heh. Oh well.

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