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Financial Aid process, where do I start?!


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So I have submitted 2 applications for the MSW program one at the University of Pitt the other at the University of Kentucky.  Both are for the Fall 2014 I know that I cannot fill out a FAFSA until January 1st should I try to get loans through Sallie Mae? Someone I know has their MSW also and she said she has always gone through Sallie Mae and has consolidated her loans so she only pays like 175 dollars a month which is not a lot at all.  I just don't know where I would begin to start with this financial aid thing? I never had to take out loans for undergrad so if someone can just give me the step by step of how this process will go? I am terrified of going into serious debt. An article was just on the front page of the paper today about students defaulting on loans because they can't find work. I need to stop worrying but I just feel confused I like to plan everything ahead and I don't have that opportunity right now. Help me please!

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