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Scope of Impact from Academic/Athletic Scandal


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If you haven't kept up with the news lately, UNC has been getting a lot of exposure for their scandal that's maybe 2-3 years old, and it doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon.




I'm applying to UNC for one of their programs that's top 3 in the nation, and it's highly regarded around the world.  In addition, it's my dream school.  Should I be concerned that it could impact the integrity of the graduate degree if I were to pursue it at UNC?


My guess is that since the scandal occurred in a completely unrelated undergraduate department, and was mostly targeted at athletes, then I shouldn't be worried.  I'm hoping that administrators and professors are addressing this issue to prevent it from happening again.


Thoughts?  I hate to bring this up and shine more light on the unfortunate situation, but there may be others that might have questions about it too.

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I would have to agree with RedPill. I doubt the scandal with Sandusky affected graduate programs at Penn State, for example... grad students and programs are often far removed from stuff like that.

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