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POI says she needs to get Permission from Committee


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Last Friday I had a good phone talk with POI, and later she sent me a follow up email asking research questions that I'd like to explore for graduate work. 
I sent back a loooong answer...and today i received her reply saying that she wants to invite me to the Interview Weekend in February but she needs to get permission from Committee, which may or may not happen. 
I would really like to ask this: how possible is that Committee refuses her request??
Fingers crossed for myself...
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It really depends on the institution so we can't say. Sometimes committees just rubber stamp, other times the department has a limited number of invites and this prof might not get all the invites she wants (e.g., let's say she accepted a few students last year already and it's someone else's turn).

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Gotta agree with the above poster. Last year I had an interview with a POI that went great. She said she would have me, but had to get it past the committee (she had very divergent research interests from the rest of the department). I never met with the rest of the department and in the end I was rejected. :(


Not saying that it will happen to you, but it is a possibility. If you get invited to interview weekend I would make sure to really connect with the other faculty! Make a real effort to show them why you would be a good student for the department overall. That being said, if things don't end up going well, it might be for the best. The prof I met with warned me that I would have to fight for funding after my first year and might end up miserable.

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