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I tried to apply at the last minute, but the online application is closed. This is strange. The deadline posted on their website is Jan. 7th. I guess this could mean that Jan 7th marks the deadline and that the last day to apply to UWO is Jan. 6th, but I took it to mean that Jan 7th is the last day to apply. 


Is anyone else experiencing difficulties? 

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why would a snowstorm affect the online thing?

And I dunno man - I'm not applying there, but I hope it works out for you!


The university is closed because of the storm. Does this affect their online apps? 

I've emailed the appropriate staff members. I'll post any information as soon as I have it. 

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I'm not sure but I go to UWO and was having trouble accessing one of our online teaching sites today that everyone uses- it was a problem that IT was looking at. Not sure if it's related but I would try again or call them! January 7th should be the end of January 7th.

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**Note: I'm not a philosophy applicant (though it was one of my majors), just a nosy individual lured here by past encounters will trolls.


That being said, after checking on http://www.isitdownrightnow.com I noticed nothing was wrong with the site.


To confirm this, I created a test account. Using Google Chrome, I received multiple user errors and could not gain access.  Using Mozilla Firefox, I had no trouble (have logged in twice). Try changing browsers. 


Additionally, I used the direct link on the grad.uwo.ca homepage. Good luck and hope everything works itself out!

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I'm a grad student at UWO in philosophy, and our grad chair posted this on our grad program facebook page earlier today: "I'm very pleased to announce that the deadline for applications for Western's graduate program for Fall 2014 has been extended until Jan. 13th. Best of luck everyone."


Hope that helps!

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