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Did you wait for funding news to accept??


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I got into my number one school this week and I honestly cannot believe it, I am so beyond happy! Issue is no financial information was sent (I haven't gotten the official letter yet) I emailed the admissions coordinator and she said that she had no idea when funding info would come in more, no later than mid April.  I know I will accept their offer but should I wait until I hear from all the schools and all of the funding info?  Their deadline is Feb 13 so I probably won't be able to wait. 

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Congratulations! That's amazing.


How many more schools are you waiting on, and when do you expect to hear back? Also, how common are scholarships in your particular field? For PhD programs, funding is particularly important, so it would be worth delaying a formal acceptance in order to compare funding offers. This may not be the case for the programs you applied to.


In some cases, I know it's possible to ask for an extension of the formal acceptance deadline, but I find it unlikely that you'd be able to delay this from mid-February to mid-April. In your situation, you may be best off accepting the offer of admission (though I still wouldn't until as late as possible, in order to hear back from more schools) and paying the deposit.


If I were to receive a more generous offer from another school further down the line, I feel that I would have few qualms foregoing my deposit in order to go to the better funded school -- though other opinions may vary.

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Not all Master's programs are unfunded (I went to a funded program), but I would say the vast majority are.


Funding in grad school also can mean either TA or RA positions; you may have to apply to those. Another option is, once you've accepted the offer, e-mail your POI and ask for the e-mail address of someone in his/her lab. That person can help answer questions you might have, and potentially also give you advice on things like housing.

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