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If sent housing form, am I accepted? (IHEID)


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So I applied early decision to IHEID international economics program. Today I woke up to an email:



Dear Student,

Following your application we have pleasure in sending you further information regarding the various options for accommodation at the Edgar de Picciotto Student House.


Then I went to their website and read under "important dates"


23 January: Admitted students will received by email the link to the application form of the Residence.


But I didn't recieve an admission letter. And the housing email was mass-sent and not customized . Is this common? I am kinda paranoid that the email could be a mistake.

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Hm, I would say no (my undergrad had students apply for housing in February, before they knew if they were admitted or not just because space was so limited) but the 23 January thing seems like a good sign! It could be that you have been recommended for admission by your department and it has to now clear through the graduate school. That's a common next step. If you really want to you could probably contact your department. Tell them you want to fill out the housing form, but you haven't received a formal offer. Maybe they'll be nice enough to clue you in. ;)


And congrats!

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I got the exact same housing e-mail and was wondering about that too but I applied for the MIA program! March 15th can't get here soon enough. I want to know. But if the wait means that I get in then it would've been worth it :)

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I actually just checked the IHEID facebook page and this is what I got:

"Dear Ashley, we have sent this link to all candidates. Should you wish to apply for housing, you can do so and obviously we will consider your application only once the admission decision is out. Best Paola Eicher"


The group on FB is called: The Graduate Institute Geneva

And it looks like Paola works for IHEID

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