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The Projected Results Game

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I'm guessing a bit of depression is probably normal right now. A week ago I felt like I'd had the best news of my life and today I feel like I had the worst. Looking from the outside, I really have no right to complain, but I still feel crappy. Who knows where I'll be in another week.


If you're finding it hard to be optimistic, don't worry, I'll doing the hoping for you in the meantime. :) And if you ever feel the need to bitch privately feel free to message me. :)


Thanks again.  


I may take you up on that.


I'm sad.  


Actually, what I feel more right now is desperate.  


Sad & desperate.


I'll be all right, though.  (I'm being kind of a drama queen, lol.)  There's still two weeks of maybe hearing good news...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ha! Lots of nots. Three nots. I hope I make up for it with at least three "yes" letters/emails/calls.

I did shoot for the moon - I applied to some great programs. But I took the names out of my signature because I'm really great myself. I don't want to be just another applicant to UT Austin. I don't want to be "the guy who applied at 3 places I applied and 4 places I've never heard of".

Besides I just sort of got tired of all the name-dropping. (nothing y'all do) but around friend. All of this, "did you apply here? and here? and here?" and "Miami Ohio? isn't that a small school?"

So with that said - MY PROJECTED RESULTS:

I bet I get into a 2 places that I'm super happy with and I bet they're super happy to have me.

I bet I get denied at 2 places that I really would have loved.

I bet a have a tough choice between the 2 acceptances come April.

I bet I don't hear back from 1 until May.


Denied at 1 place.

Accepted at 1 place (waitlisted for funding but I'll still chalk this up as an accept)

Haven't heard from 3 places - but  until I hear otherwise I'll assume I'm double-secret-waitlisted.

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