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GRE Evaluation


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Hey everyone, just wanted to get a feel on my GRE scores.  My major is Electrical Engineering.


Q: 167

V: 157

A: 4.0


Not very good analytical scores, and verbal could defiantly be better.  I'm thinking I'll retake just for clarity.

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I'm planning on applying to all the big universities (Stanford, UCB, MIT, etc.) and a few safety schools.  The ones that had it on their website said that they like quantitative around 90th percentile or above.  I'm 95th on that, but I'm just wondering if the V and A are a little low even though it's for engineering.

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I dont think that grad schools really care about GRE scores. If they are really low (think 150s on each section) then it will be a red flag, otherwise they are much more concerned with your knowedge on your research field and research experience.

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Hi there


I'm pursuer of MS Petroleum Engineering at Texas A & M, University of Texas at Autin, Stanford. My application strengths are below:


  • GRE: V150/Q161 (took today, TOEFL to be taken)
  • GPA: 3.7
  • 2 years relevant experience
  • One Student level paper presented at SPE Regional Paper Contest (Qatar TAMU).

Realize my GRE "Q" is low though haven't recieved my percentile yet. My first target is Texas A & M whose deadline is March 01, 2014. ...kindly provide your valuable evaluation... Thanks

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