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Do you have to have all the prerequisites completed by the time you apply to Grad School?

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I know most application deadlines are in January, but that's the beginning of a new semester at my college and I will most likely still be completing the prerequisite courses during that time.


Is that okay or do they want to see all the prerequisite coursework complete?

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Marshmelos, some schools allow you to have some credits of prerequisites in progress when applying. For example two of my schools allow you to have 6 credits in process of being completing at time of applying. It really depends on the school. However, I would think it is best to complete all SLP courses. 



Good Luck!  :)

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Nope, it doesn't have to all be complete (or I would be in trouble!). Actually, most schools have places to add courses that you're taking now and courses haven't done yet but will take before entering the program built into their applications. So you're fine. :)

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