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Applied to 8 Programs in Community, Social, and Human Development-I have not received a single response


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I have applied to the following schools and am getting worried as I have not heard anything back but am seeing some of them in the results page. What does this mean? I am getting so worried. I want to start applying for some PhDs in the UK but not too sure about their deadlines!


List of schools:

1)University of Chicago - Social Psychology

2)UIC - Community Prevention

3)Northwestern - Human Development and Social Policy

4)Georgetown-Human Development and Public Policy

5)Johns Hopkins- Mental Health

6)University of Virginia- Community Psychology

7)Depaul- Community Psychology

8)Loyola (Chicago) - Applied Social Psychology


and will be apply to University of Miami

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There's probably a good reason for not sending out rejections right away. Some schools like to play their cards close to their chest, so they might not reject people until they confirm that they have applicants who can fill their spots. I guess it's smart on their part, but it's annoying for the rest of us  <_<

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Very annoying! Here is hoping I can atleast make it somewhere in this process! Congrats on your acceptance to UC Davis! Seems like this cycle is going very well for you!

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Thanks! It was the only one I didn't have to interview for... unfortunately I'm learning for other schools that interviews do not necessarily mean acceptances, especially when they're interviewing 3-4 people for each slot. Do your programs require interviews? Even if they do, perhaps different POIs are sending out interview invites at different times. You could contact the administrators of the programs if you're looking for an update on your admission status, I know they can usually tell you what's going on. 


I tell ya, applying for grad school has been the most anxiety-inducing thing I've ever done. 

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