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Good programs for Native American/Indigenous studies?


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Hi everyone, 


I am beginning to whittle down schools to submit applications fall 2014 and start 2015. I am interested in things like rebellion, protest, migration, diaspora, and globalization but specifically how these forces affect and involve Native American/Canadian/Mexican groups. I'm interested in Latin America too, but would like to focus on North America. Does anyone know any good (and funded) programs that have a strong suit in Native American research?

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ASU has a Native Studies program which offers an MS track focused on "Indigenous Rights & Social Justice," and they a very strong anthropology program - I know the latter really stresses the importance of inter/trandisciplinary research, which would be to your benefit, since you're overlapping anthro & native studies areas of research. I don't know their Native Studies program's reputation or funding situation, though.

TAMU has a strong focus on the peopling of the Americas, but it looks like you want something more contemporary...

University of Oklahoma had a great program, but sadly, Joe Watkins isn't teaching there at present (NPS Chief Archaeologist, I believe), so I'm not sure if anything's changed there.

Cal (Berkeley) has a few faculty members who focus on some of those topics, for sure.

I don't know about their departments or course offerings, but the University of Alaska schools & UBC have a good track record as far as collaboration & native concerns go. University of Arizona seems to have many Native Studies related graduate programs, but I don't know anything about it.

Hope that helps! Your areas of interest made me recall some papers I've read recently, but I can't remember their authors... brain fart fail. :/

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You might also look at individual professors. Columbia has Audra Simpson; UTA has Kim Tallbear; Scott Morgensen is at Queens College; Andrea Smith is at UCR, etc.  Some of them are in anthro departments, some are in cultural studies departments, but don't discount a program because they don't have a specific focus. 


I took a course with Audra Simpson last year on governmentality, citizenship and indigenous political critique that was fantastic.

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