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  1. I hope so! I'm gonna email them next week and thank them again for talking to me and see if there's anything I can do to affect my chances for next year. I'm still a little upset I didn't get in, but I'm glad I at least got that feedback and validation that my project is interesting. And to be fair, I have chosen basically the most difficult country in the world to study.
  2. That sucks that we both struck out Thanks for the support, Forsaken and sarab. I'm actually excited about my potential internship/job, but it's still a major bummer after such a great conversation and a POI who was really interested in my research. I'm hoping good things for those of us still waiting to find out if they got in anywhere.
  3. I had a really great conversation with my poi at Wisconsin last week aaaaand I still got rejected. Maybe they lost out in the meeting; who knows. Either way, it's looking like it's back to Asia with me!
  4. Came to post basically this exact thing. I high-fived my friend when I saw. They were confused at my exuberance over being rejected.
  5. That's incredible! Congratulations!!
  6. Congratulations! Difficult decision time Sure you'll choose wisely
  7. Three, as well: Columbia. Wisconsin, UBC. Expecting a rejection from the former, cautiously optimistic about the second, completely unsure about the third. I know Madison is next week. Columbia has to be soon (right? RIGHT?) and UBC is historically next week.
  8. That sucks hardcore, dude, I'm sorry
  9. Knitting and watching lots of Netflix has been pretty therapeutic for me. Of course, I would still get distracted every few minutes or when my email would ding, but it was better than just sitting and trying to read the entire internet. Now I'm having to throw myself full-stop into writing this seminar paper, which is also helpfully distracting. Of course, now that I'm past the post-good call with POI euphoria, it's back to nervousness. At least I only have about a week to wait.
  10. Curious about this, too. I'm expecting a rejection, myself.
  11. Thank you both! ;_; I'm super stoked after the talk, and even if it goes nowhere, it's good validation. Still wishing good things for everyone else still waiting to hear back. Things were grim for a hot minute there but there is hope!
  12. Just got off the phone with one of my POI. Things are suddenly looking up!
  13. Wake in the morning Email comes from POI Commence heart attack
  14. I can't offer much more advice than what's been offered. I will say that if you're going abroad and it's possible, rent a cell phone. I've had a cell phone (or a portable wi-fi device) every time I've gone abroad in the past few years and it's been absolutely invaluable. I've been able to meet up with friends, use the internet to figure out where I should be going or what train I need to take. And knowing that I have it in case something does happen has added a great peace of mind. It was so nerve-wracking travelling alone at first, but getting over the initial feelings of judgment ("Oh god, everyone's gonna know I'm alone!") and worrying I wouldn't have as much fun if I wasn't with others, I found that it was actually way more enjoyable. I met so many more people by myself, and got to do everything at my own pace. Do your research, know the language, trust your instincts. That's really all you need for a successful trip.
  15. OK, sorry for the double post, but I broke down and called Madison. All acceptances and rejections have not gone out yet. Final decisions should be by the end of next week. I realize now I could have asked about the status of my application whoooops
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