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  1. I was rejected by several of the programs I applied for. Accepted at two. One of which I decided doesn't work for me. Lastly I was accepted by the MA program at University of Washington (ranked top 10 in my field), given two scholarships to cover living expenses and a large portion of the tuition/books/transportation/housing/meals/fees/etc. for the first year, work study to cover a bunch more, and a comparatively small loan package to cover the rest. I'm so beyond excited to be going! Waiting for a response to a question or two from the financial aid office, but then I'm hitting the "acc
  2. That's a tough one. As an outsider to your position (and as a poor potential grad student), my (personal) thought is: take the money and run with it, but, as you detailed, there are a lot of factors at play. As somebody who struggled under the weight of student debt from my very expensive undergrad for many years (and only freshly free of it) the full-ride is impressive and I consider you lucky to have it. Not to mention, later, you can write that full-ride on your CV and that looks good, too (I've frequently been impressed by professor profiles online who have such accolades--no matter w
  3. First off, I understand that the MAPH is, at best, a controversial program. I'm not trying to get people riled up or to step on anyone's toes. I applied to the MAPH at UChicago, initially, because I didn't realize UChicago had a continuous MA-PhD program in their East Asian Languages & Civilizations (EALC). So I ended up applying to both. I was rejected soundly from the East Asian Languages & Civ. department at UChicago but offered partially (1/3) funding for the MAPH program. I was also admitted into the University of Washington's (UW) Jackson School of International Studies (JSIS) Ja
  4. Thank you! Just with skimming the rest of the thread. Medieval Chinese Lit. sounds awesome. Did you do undergrad research on the same topic? If so, what exactly? Curious, are you already in Canada or based elsewhere? And is your offer for Fall admission?
  5. Hi all, Just dropping my two cents in. I have a BA in Asian Studies where I focused on the intersection of colonialism, post-colonialism, and Japan Studies (particularly in the Meiji Period). Finally got the nerve to apply to grad school. Applied to: Stanford, UChicago, and the University of Washington. Got rejected by the Asian Languages & Lit. department at Washington but accepted by the Japan Studies program at the Jackson School of International Studies at UW. Was upset at first but I think it's actually a good match. Anybody else have experience with a similar situation or,
  6. So I'm not sure how to interpret this. I am applying to several Asian Studies (Japan Studies) programs this fall for my MA. University of Washington, Stanford University, and the University of Chicago. I have received one acceptance (woo!) and one rejection from the two programs I've applied to at University of Washington. At least I'm going somewhere! During the last few days, though, I did not receive an e-mail from University of Chicago's East Asian Languages and Civilizations department, but, rather, my personal application page at the website changed. Suddenly it had an envelope
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