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Contacting Professors?

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Did you make it a point to contact professors at the universities you applied to this year? If so, did you contact the professors before or during the application process? Did you contact professors after you were accepted into the program? What were your reasons for contacting the professors? Was it to ensure the program was a good fit?


I'm just curious to see how others approached the application process for SLP this cycle.


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I say go for it! I recently did for a school that I am still waiting to get a decision from. I am going to sit in on one of the professor's lectures to see what it would be like to be in the school and hopefully make a good in person impression!! She was very welcoming and I take that as a good sign. I say show interest in any way possible at this point, as long as you do it correctly it can't hurt. Good luck!

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I emailed all of the programs I applied to last May questions about their programs, etc.  It ended up being really good because I was able to narrow down the schools that were the right fit for me and the schools who would actually admit a student like me with an overall GPA under 3.0.

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