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considering publishing for the first time -- read my paper?

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So, I'm not sure this will even get any responses, but I have a 15 page paper that I think *might* be worthy of polishing up for submission to a journal, but I've never published before so I'm not sure the first thing of how to go about it. I also don't know if the paper is journal quality -- honestly, I've read it so many times it might be a POS. Would anyone be willing to read it?


It's called "I Can Take a Joke:" Humor as a Tool in Lesbian Feminist Theatre.


Obviously fine-art perspectives would be appreciated. Barring that, other humanities people would be nice too. Reply or message me and I will send it to you.




If this is totally taboo and a big gradcafe faux pas, I apologize in advance.

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I probably won't have time until mid-April, but if you're still looking for readers at that point, I'd be happy to take a look! (Of course, if you wanted to send it now I might be able to squeeze it in somewhere) Either way, best of luck on it!

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different subjects publish different types of articles and the respective journals and editors look for different things. coming the background I come from I wouldn't have a clue about the criteria that journal editors in your field use when judging a submission. You really need to consider, as Fuzzy said, giving it to your supervisor or some one else in your faculty, even a fellow grad student in your own department is better than some anonymous science student on gradcafe.

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Generally since papers written during research tend to cover numerous topics and/or aspects of a subject (assuming there is more than one analysis that was a significant finding) you may want to take certain parts and then focus on one aspect. Elaborate on it the research questions that had the most significant result.

then repeat this for maybe another publication.

Secondly, conferences conferences conferences, publishers journals and then sort are looking for new research at conferences. Present posters or give talks. Posters allow more one on one so you can get better feedback. Have copies of the proposed publication to give to publishers before formalizing your submission to a journal. If they like it atvthe conference they'll most likely publish it.

Conferences conferences conferences. go go go!!!

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