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Fort Lauderdale, FL


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Hi, I am most likely attending a program this fall in the Fort Lauderdale/Davie area. I've only ever visited Fort L so I don't have a good sense of what it would be like to actually live there. Any recommendations for areas/apartment complexes to look at? How is life living there in general, expensive? Are there things to do in the area?

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Ft. Lauderdale/Davie covers a huge space that ranges from rich enclaves to working class communities.

I'm going to guess you're going to Nova and say that the area is affordable if a bit boring. Broward County is a massive suburban sprawl so boring is pretty normal and comparatively Davie around University Dr. isn't bad.

There are a lot of condos and apartments in the area so shop around.

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Hey! I am a Michigander moving to the sunshine state for graduate school.  I will be attending Nova Southeastern at the Davie campus.  I am looking or suggestions as far as where to live. I was looking into the graduate housing on campus or looking to live off campus.  Also, was looking for some various fun things to do in the area for when and if I have time  to enjoy living there. 

Please let me know!

Thank you 

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The Davie area has seen a rental housing boom in the past 2-3 years so your options around the institution are plentiful and readily affordable compared to Miami. I suggest using padmapper and hotpads to look for a place and then google map to see the street, etc. The area around campus is safe and nice. You will have lots to do in the area. Search for places a s far south as stirling road and east to state road 9 (441) and west to I-75 and north to broward boulevard. 

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