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  1. HGSE 2018

    I just received an email that "The result of your application for admission to Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is now available to view via the online application system." A rejection but not surprised since I was not extended an interview. So I awaiting Stanford, and UPENN GSE.
  2. Fort Lauderdale, FL

    The Davie area has seen a rental housing boom in the past 2-3 years so your options around the institution are plentiful and readily affordable compared to Miami. I suggest using padmapper and hotpads to look for a place and then google map to see the street, etc. The area around campus is safe and nice. You will have lots to do in the area. Search for places a s far south as stirling road and east to state road 9 (441) and west to I-75 and north to broward boulevard.
  3. EdM and Phd in Economics and Education, advices needed

    If Statistics is the issue, have you considered looking for 15-18 graduate credit certificate programs in NY or online to take?
  4. Miami, FL

    That's more than enough depending on the area. What institution will you be attending? Living in Miami is affordable as long as you have a vehicle and you are willing to live in the outskirts of the city. $28k for 12 months is a lot. You will not need all of that. I would live in South Miami and not Coral Gables to be able to have extra money. DM for more info.
  5. Harvard Graduate School Student Parents

    One friend had a teenage son, another had a daughter an elementary, and the other a toddler. I will ask them about childcare and schooling.
  6. Harvard Graduate School Student Parents

    Hello, I deferred applying until later next year for Fall 17 but I will be attending if accepted with my sons. I have friends who attended Harvard with kids and received a lot of advice from them.
  7. Academic/Career counseling positions

    I suggest you check out NACADA's website. You can earn aMS in Academic Advising or a post graduate certificate in advising. FIU has an advising certificate as well but it is not online like the one affiliated with NACADA
  8. What do you plan to do after your degree?

    I am interested in the quantitative methods field as well. I am looking at programs that have it as a stand alone major, ie. not with Psychology. What schools are you considering? After graduation, I want to be employed as a researcher analyst for the USDOE or a higher education nonprofit org.
  9. HGSE Fall 2013

    Those who were/are accepted into Harvard for a doctoral degree can apply for a Master's degree after the first year of studies. I was told this a few years back at an open house. The reasoning behind it is that the student completed one year of study that is equivalent to Masters degree. If you look at the page that has doctoral students dissertation title, you'll notice that they all have masters degrees from Harvard as well (some 3 years prior to completion of the dissertation year).
  10. Another Higher Ed/Student Affairs Program Question

    I suggest you visit or
  11. Learning SAS/SPSS

    Thanks everyone for their input and thank you Ruminare for the link. I want to work in the field of Educational Research as an analyst or researcher, and many jobs require proficiency in SPSS, SAS, R, or STATA. I am familiar with SPSS, but my problem is that many programs teach you how to use the program but not which test to run for different scenarios. I guess I would have to take a graduate level intro to STAT course. I'll try to see if any of the MOOC have free courses.
  12. Rutgers vs. Miami

    I too am a UM alumni and is considering of going back to get a second master's in RMA (only if I get this job I applied to). The director is great. He is on sabitical for the year. If you want the doctoral degree, consider applying for the McKnight Doctoral Fellowships If I don't get into 1 of my 3 dream schools, I'll settle for UM and use this scholarship. If you have any further qustions, you can message me. I am a native and is living in Miami.
  13. Learning SAS/SPSS

    I am looking for resources where I can learn how to use SAS and SPSS. Any great books or websites is greatly appreciated.
  14. What Should I Do...

    I would take the comps and go to Northeastern. While you are there, take the newer version of the GRE in Aug or Sep, cause it cost $80 during those months, and then reapply to your top schools. Give Northeastern a chance. The courses you should take that first year should be courses that would not overlap too much with doctoral courses at your dream schools, but should stil be applicable to your program, just in case you end up staying at Northeastern. On a side of caution, you should not ask any of the professors in your department at Northeastern for letters of rec.
  15. Is HGSE master's worth $60k debt?

    I would take the debt. If you look on and, there are many jobs well in the $50k-$100k+ out there, so earning the salary is not an problem/excuse. I have 2 years advising experience and 2 years teaching, and turned down a government job in the field of education with a salary of $76k-$84k. Another thing to remember, you are going into the field of education, THUS Loan Forgiveness Program for Nonprofit Employees. Public service jobs include teachers, first responders (policy, fire, EMT), public librarians, social workers, public defenders and prosecutors, and people who work for tax-exempt charitable organizations. It also includes people who work for the government and the military. Loan forgiveness means that the the federal government will cancel all student loan debt that remains after 10 years of public service. What public (government) employers qualify as eligible employers for the PSLF Program? Any federal government, state government, local government, or tribal government entity (including the military, public schools and colleges, public child and family services agencies, and special governmental districts) is an eligible employer for the PSLF Program. Eligible non-profit employers include those that have received a 501©(3) designation from the IRS. These include most private schools, colleges, and universities, as well as thousands of other organizations, agencies, and charities.(February 3, 2010)