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  1. I deeply appreciate your advices. I am currently in D.C, and I had several informational interviews with people who work at the WB. So far, I like what I have heard. It just makes more sense to me to explore the connection between economic development and education investment. I think I realize my career far too late. As an international student, I feel less qualified to analyze American higher education than domestic students. Thank you so much for your posts, they make me think!! I think I will go for it, and study harder than ever. The cost is outrageous...
  2. Personally, I am more inclined to a PhD or Master in educational measurement. My first M.A provided me a general understanding of American higher education. Since my undergraduate major was English, I did not have prior experience in education, just some volunteer and summer interns. I wanted to work for The World Bank, but the chance is extremely slim. I do not have an neither economic nor international education background.
  3. Thanks for you answer. Teachers college's tuition, financial aid and NYC rent are horrifying. So, it is very true that this program may not wroth it.
  4. Thanks for your answer. It is much better to have a certificate program or take classes then another degree.
  5. I was recently admitted to the Master of Education Program in Economics and Education at Teachers College. I just finished my M.A in higher education administration, and I have gradually developed interest in educational measurement and statistics. My original plan was to finish my Optional Practical Training period (I'm an international student), then apply for a doctoral degree in educational measurement. A friend of mine applied for doctoral programs in educational measurement this year, was only admitted to Master's program due to her lack of statistical training. I have very similar background, so I am concern that I may be admitted to a master's program as well. So I have to think seriously about this EdM. This EdM requires 60 credits, and is merely 15 credits less than its doctoral program. But I understand, doctoral programs at Teachers College must be extremely competitive. I still hope to be admitted to its PhD program, after I complete this EdM. If anyone has any knowledge of the competitiveness of teachers college's doctoral program, please reply. I greatly appreciate your opinions and times.
  6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. My instructors also recommend me to take research courses or to attend a certificate program. It is no longer an option, due to my complicated visa status. After a careful consideration, I am trying to find a research related intern to expand my skill-set right now, after that, I will apply for fall18 PhD degree.
  7. Thanks for your reply. It is a great idea to reach out student in programs that I am interested in. I am suck at math, so I am afraid my previous academic experience cannot help.
  8. Their arguments are: 1. Waste of money, because master's programs usually cost a lot of money. 2. Future employers may not think highly of my second master's degree. Her argument is second master's degree cannot substitute working experience. 3. In my case, she assumes that getting another master's degree is a way for me to avoid tough job searching due to my visa status. 4. Overall, some of my instructors believe a doctoral degree is a more sensible choice.
  9. Hello all, Thank you in advance for your reply! I am completing my M.A in higher education administration right now. My current program has very little research or statistical analysis related coursework. I Personally, I have developed strong interest in policy analysis in the process. I want to apply for another EdM in education statistics or a PhD in education policy. Some of my instructors advice me not to pursue another master degree, but I do not feel confident to apply for a PhD due to my lack of statistical training. And my work experience is not policy oriented neither. I am currently working as a part-time career coach for international students, and I am also an international applicant. My capstone project topics are career coaching international students and academic advising first-year international students, which are not related to policy. I am certain that I want to learn more about education policy, just do not know if I should apply for a PhD or EdM.
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