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Deferring the application


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Hi all!


How can I politely ask if the department allow me to defer the application? 


The thing is that I'm a little concerned about not finishing and having my masters degree in time in order to enroll for the PhD (the department requires a MS degree for their PhD program). The department website does not mention anything related to application deferring. Ideally, I'd like to start the program in Spring '15.


Please note that the department in question is top 3 in my field. Would this affect in any way their response?



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Hm, you can ask but lots of departments have a policy saying there are no deferrals and you have to go through the admissions process again! Talk to them about WHY though, and you may be ok. Finishing your Master's seems like a legitimate excuse and honestly your admission might be contingent on it anyway.

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I'm not officially accepted yet, but my POI said I will probably be accepted (we're pretty close, I have even coauthored conference papers with him).

Since we're getting close to April 15th, I don't wanna waste time when (if I) receive the decision.

iphi, thanks for the tip!

Does the fact that the department probably have a fat waiting list can influence their answer? I'm worried it might.

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