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Sending an Email to POI but no reply

Tin Sn

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Dear All,


I was rejected from my top choice, and I sent an email requesting for advice on improving my application to a POI.
It has been three weeks or a month of waiting. 

That I have not received the email from POI means that the POI will never ever want to contact me again?  :( 
Is this normal. By 'normal', I mean that any POI will appreciate only new prospective students. 

Should I still keep contact  the POI ? Will this help improve my chance ?  <_< 
If this situation happened to you, would you try to contact the same professor for the application round ?  :mellow:  



I really love hearing your opinion  :)

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It's just hard to know why you're being ignored - could be busy, uninterested, or just missed it. I get it, though - it's frustrating - same thing happened to me. I'd wait till summer or a less busy time, then email again. I wouldn't do it a third time, though. If I were ignored a second time, I wouldn't rule out reapplying to them, provided 1) I was REALLY interested in their research 2) it fit the budget - cause it might be a gamble.

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If you emailed and he didn't respond, let it go. Schools don't have to tell you why you were rejected and it would only be a courtesy if the POI responded to your request. DON'T pester him. That will only hurt your chances in the future. If you want to know how to improve your application, ask your undergrad professors who wrote you recommendations. But don't write the POI again until you are applying next round. 

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