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Where do I stand as a returning student?

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Hi all,


Almost two years ago, I began taking courses in Speech-Language Pathology, after six years of a rather quantitative career in New York. At the time I simply knew I needed a change and after my first year back in school, I realized that this is my calling in life.


While my undergraduate GPA (from 2005) is shy of a 3.00, my prereq GPA is 3.83. I am certain that my cum. GPA, from all the schools I have attended, is now slightly above a 3.00. I also completed Neuroanatomy (non-matric) and earned an 'A-'. 


I currently volunteer at a Speech & Hearing Clinic through a large hospital on Long Island and I have presented some of my undergraduate work--in Speech Science--at a conference at the university where I have taken most of my prereqs. I am also very active in my community and have been reelected to my co-op board for five consecutive years. 


While I normally am a lousy test-taker, I scored 150q, 158v, 5.0aw on the GRE. I have been told that being a returning student, my GRE score will be more heavily scrutinized than if I were fresh out of UG. Is this usually the case?


I have 1 great two-page letter of recommendation from a prof in undergrad (currently Director of the Graduate English Dept. at my alma mater) another letter from an Audiology prof, 3rd from an SLP and I can most likely obtain more--for the few schools who will accept add'l LoRs.


Right now, I have my heart set on CUNY Lehman, or New York Medical College. Naturally, I am applying to all schools in the New York region and I plan to apply out of state as well...suggestions welcome :)


My general question is simply: Where do I stand as a 31-year-old former "businessman" in this blizzard of 4.0s, LoRs and Diversity ???

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You stand a really good shot.  I am a 31 year old with a lower GPA, lower GRE's and less experience and I got into 2 schools and on 3 wait lists for this fall 2014.  I'd say if you DO plan on applying to programs outside of NY as "safety schools" be sure to email them a few times in the next 6 months so they know your name and that you are not just someone applying to their school as a safety or fall back school.  Also email the NY schools to show interest and get your name out there.   Other than that you are sure to get into a program!  Good luck!

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I think you stand a good chance of getting into a program! You seem to have a competitive GPA and GRE scores. I think your experience will also be beneficial to your application.

I would research a bunch of schools to see their acceptance percentage and what their cut-off scores are. You can find this information by emailing the programs and also by looking on the ASHA website using the edfind tool.

CUNY Lehman and New York Medical College are extremely competitive programs! While you may have the stats they require it does not mean you'll get into the program. I would keep this in mind while applying to programs. It is always good to apply to a bunch of different programs in order to increase your chances of getting in! It is important to apply to some "safety schools" as well in order to have a back-up plan. This doesn't mean that I think you don't have a chance of getting accepted into those two programs. You should definitely apply to some competitive programs as well because you might be exactly what they're looking for! I applied to a few schools in the New York area so you can message me if you have any questions!

Good luck! :)

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Thank you so much for the positivism and specificity. I have been attending as many open houses as are available, within the region--some universities are very candid, while others, not so much. :)  I have tried to get in touch with Touro, TCC & NYU a few times, but have not gotten a call back


I have also been making a point to visit as many clinics as I can, which I feel is often more relevant and revealing than anything I have seen at an open house.


For whatever reason,  it seems that mean GRE scores in the NY Area are often below 150/150. Finally, I had a very positive experience when I attended Lehman's open house, in that their faculty is noticeably progressive and encouraging. 


Cheers to keeping this clearinghouse for SLP info going!

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