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GRE Prep Course: Princeton Review


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Hey all,


I know this has been discussed in previous cycles, but I wanted to put it out there again for potential 2015/2016 applicants. 


So, I took the GRE a few years ago for my M.A and did "ok"; it wasn't abysmal but for the more competitive PhD application, I need something that is not going to get me cut at the first round. I have decided -- with a heavy heart and a (much) lighter wallet --  to enroll in an in-person full on Princeton Review GRE prep class. This is mainly because A) I studied on my own last time for a couple months and that didn't really work and B ) I work as a full-time lab manager and as a part-time TA, so I need some structure to my study routine to fit around my busy schedule.


My question is: does anyone have any experience in taking the PR prep class? Or any GRE class (either in-person or online), for that matter? I know people have raved about Magoosh, and I had considered it. But ultimately, I need someone to hold my hand through the process. 



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Most people don't get into graduate school because of their stellar GRE; if you break 160 on each I really doubt there is any reason to try for better. Both my advisors don't even look at it, its just a requirement by the graduate school.


I think its a bit alarming that you need someone to hold your hand for very simple material and you are in an MA program.


I think you are making too much of this test, but I am not the one applying, so if it helps you be less neurotic about the application process as a whole and you have the money to spare perhaps then its worth it. My impression is usually people who take these courses are ESL or people who really didnt retain any of their skills from highschool and college.

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To be honest, it's mostly because I work 50+ hours a week. I agree that a good GRE doesn't get you INTO grad school, but if you don't pass some of the higher cut offs, your application doesn't even get looked at. I just want to make sure this doesn't happen. That is all -- no need to be condescending. 

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Taking a course is not really going to make that much of a difference if you don't have/take the time outside of the class to practice applying some of the concepts/strategies from the class. You will need to take the initiative when it comes to finding the patterns in your errors and pinpointing and working through your weaknesses. Often, the real value of prep courses like Kaplan and PR is not the actual class instruction but the resources they make available -- practice tests, answer explanations and other online materials. Ultimately, the degree to which your score will increase depends entirely on how much time you spend outside of class making use of these resources and the extent to which you take ownership of the process.

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Hi. I took the Gre today and my score breakdown is

152 Q


What are the chances I can get into pharmaceutical sciences PhD at low ranked schools.

Most say they require a minimum score of 300 but I don't know if i should retake or apply

I really don't want to take the Gre again but I don't want to miss this admission cycle so I could retake if necessary what do you guys think?

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I recently took the Princeton Review Live Online GRE Prep. If you're into math and science, then this course is for you. If you're into the humanities, forget it. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but if it's anything like the Princeton Review online class, 80% of the test will be math and science. The essay writing, vocabulary, and reading comprehension focus in the Princeton Review class was minimal at best. In fact, the vocabulary online drills freeze in the middle of the exams. Totally dysfunctional.

The one good thing about this course was that the teacher responded quickly and thoroughly to my questions via e-mail. However, during the online class he talked so fast I could barely understand what he was saying.

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