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visa issue (urgent)


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I am an international student who will go to US for graduate study.

I have already signed one school (offer) and went to US consulate for visa some days ago.

But now I got another university's offer. Because this university is my dream university, I really want to enroll in it.

Is there any body who has this kind of experience?

Some people said I needed to apply a new visa, some other said I did not need to. Some said I have to give up, others said I do not have to. I am confused a lot.

I really do not know what to do and do not want to give up this opportunity.

Please share me some information about it. (more detailed more better)

Thanks a lot!

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It depends on your home country and the US embassy rules.

In my country, after visa issue, if you wish to change university, you'll have to repay SEVIS and reapply. You probably have to give up on the earlier visa, as well.

The US embassy website must have an answer, somewhere in FAQ.

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Yes, the best thing to do is ask the Consulate. I would imagine though, that if you decide to switch universities, in other words, changing the institution sponsoring you to come to the US, you would need to start over again with the visa.

Just a guess, but I'm going through the spousal visa process now, and have heard many a story about people having to start over for various reasons...

but before you go insane, just call the consulate.

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I would ask the dream university for info. They are usually good with such issue, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

It seems logical that you might need a new visa, but i imagine they would issue a new one without much hassle. (you might have to pay again though, that sucks just to think about it)

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Your dream University probably has an international students office. They are the people you will need to talk to first, and will probably provide you with some paperwork to bring to the consulate.

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