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Book review of a book by POI


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One of the programs to which I inted to apply is in a very small, very lightly studied area with little secondary literature by a university press.  It's a newish are of study.  Anyhow, as part of the application process, they ask for a book review of an academic work, preferably in the area the canditate wishes to study.  The problem is, one of the only pieces of scholarly literature in the field is by my POI.  Needless to say, I am beyond hesitant to submit a book report for that book.  Not only do I not want to risk pissing her off but I don't want it to come across as sucking up either.


What would you do?

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This isn't what you asked, but I think it's stupid for a department to request something so idiosyncratic and that requires so much extra work for your application. Nobody has the time to generate original work for each graduate school they're applying to.

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