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Does where you get your Master's degree matter?

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The only reason it could possibly matter where you attend graduate school is if you are interested in pursuing a PhD. You would obviously want to attend school that has a good research foundation rather than a school that focuses more strictly on clinic. Or let's say you know without a doubt that you're interested in bilingualism or whatever area, you may want to look into schools that have a good foundation or has programs specifically targeting that area (that is if you are willing to move and again you're 100% sure that you want to specialize in that area).  And I think the whole rankings thing is a bunch of BS in my opinion. In Texas for example, an employer basically wants to see that  you have your CCC's and degree, they're not going to say that person A is better because they graduated at such and such school over person B that graduated from a lesser known school. Personally I like lesser known/smaller schools because you get more individualized attention from your professors and clinical educators rather than a higher ranked/larger school you'll be 1 of 50 or some insane number. Hope this helps!

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The other reason it could matter is for the setting you want to work in... If you're certain you'd prefer an educational setting then go to one that offers more pediatric clinical practicum sites, or perhaps even has certificates in Education, Multiple Disabilities, Autism, or Literacy (depending on your interests). If you know you'd like to work with multicultural or bilingual clients, then find those that have placements and certification in that, as to be a bilingual SLP you need special certification and some practicum hours in the other language. If you want a medical setting as you future, then find one with close ties to local hospitals and VA clinics, or that have an Aphasia/ TBI type clinic on-site or near by... also check their classes (often you have to download the handbook or go on their site)  to see if they have electives that you may like for your preferred setting. or example, Pitt has one on Cleft Palate; MGH has several on Literacy; etc.   These are mostly based on your interests, but for some settings, especially bilingual and medical, you'll want a strong background in those to help you in the future.

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