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"Out of Field" Applicant options

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Hello everyone!


I'm a recent college grad that received my bachelors in linguistics. I've done a small bit of research and know that many of the programs that offer SLP now require their applicants to have an undergrad in CSD which isn't something that is offered in the UC system. 


As far as California schools go, the ASHA website says that San Jose State, UOP, San Diego State, San Marcos State, CSU East Bay, and Fresno State don't require CSD for a requirement. I don't know if these schools require certain pre req classes that I need to take or if I need to do post bacc? 


I've never really considered any out of state schools but I feel very limited to where I can apply with this requirement. What are some schools that aren't strict about the CSD requirement outside of California and that offer a good program for SLP?


Hoping someone can point me in the right direction! 

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Look into the CU-Boulder program. If you remain a California resident, you can qualify for in-state tutition. They have various options for non-majors if you don't have the 6 ASHA pre-reqs. There is an online option and a 3 year MA program. If you have some of the pre-reqs already, you can ask some one because it might be better to try to get the remaining pre-reqs online and apply as a two-year MA student.


Emerson also tries to have half the accepted class from out of field majors. They just have two chorts that are on slightly different tracks. You still have to have the 6 ASHA pre-reqs prior to starting in the fall, but they accept online courses and also offer a summer program.


UNC Chapel Hill also excepts non-majors but you have to all 6 pre-reqs completed prior to applying.

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Hmm it used to be on the website but now I can't find it but I believe at least when I was applying last year, there are 6 fields that you need to have background in before you can begin clinic. They are:

  • Phonetics
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing
  • Language Development in Children
  • Speech-Language Sciences
  • Hearing Science
  • Survey of Audiology

Some classes have different names and cover different things and some programs require more background classes than those, but I believe that those are the 6 that ASHA itself regulates.

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^ Thank you! Can these classes be taken anywhere? Seems like some of them are highly specific and can only be taken at schools with SLP/CDS programs as opposed to community colleges. 


On another note, I'm curious to know if anyone has any opinion on the pre CDS program offered by CSUN.

I mean it is 2 years of pre reqs but they are all online courses. 

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Most likely you would need to do them at a school with a CDS or SLP program but they can be done online. 


I know quite a few people that went through CSUN and enjoyed it. They didn't apply for an MA program yet and are working as SLPAs but they liked the program because they were still able to work full time while doing it.

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^ Yes. SFSU requires an undergrad in CSD.


Question regarding post baccs: If you do a post bacc (let's say CSULA post bacc program) in an accredited school and receive their certificate, is this the equivalent of having a degree in CSD? Would i be able to apply to any grad programs outside of my post bacc school? It's confusing to me because all post bacc programs are different and the classes they offer are different. 


I don't want to apply to do a post bacc and rely on the same school for acceptance into the SLIP program if i have the option to branch out and apply to other schools too.

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