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  1. Didn't hear anyone from my cohort come from the waitlist last year.
  2. I didn't have a super low GPA to explain but it was very subpar when compared to my postbacc GPA. I didn't address that issue directly but I did draw on how my undergrad major in which I obtained a low GPA (linguistics) helped strengthen me as an applicant and as a future SLP. Just try to turn your negative into a positive. Talk about how you rose from the ashes and used that to make you a more prepared clinician because you're able to overcome adversity.
  3. Personally, I feel that volunteering is more about what you take from it rather than how many hours you get. Sure its nice to have it down on paper saying you've done x hours but what really hits it home for the admission committee is what you took out from the opportunity. Maybe you found that you loved working with the geriatric population. Maybe it's finding that your calling is in medical speech pathology because you're enamored with your experience volunteering in the hospital. What did you take out of your volunteering experience that you didn't have before? Translate all of this into your personal statement and how it helped you to discover what kind of path you want to follow. That's whats important.
  4. Find a housing group for your campus in Facebook. I joined one and there are tons of people looking for new housemates for the oncoming year!
  5. I'm pretty certain I will be going to U Washington but I sent in some supplemental stuff to the financial aid department today so I'm waiting to see what they prep for me for my financial aid package before deciding. Rush is EXPENSIVE.
  6. Following to get more information on Rush!
  7. Seeing as the email states its only a 10-15 min interview.. I highly doubt they will ask clinical questions. Probably basic things like why SLP and why CSUEB. Just a thought! Good luck! I decided to withdraw my app after getting the invitation as I think I've decided where I will attend grad school in the fall!
  8. Yeah I received the email yesterday 3/29 saying I had to respond by 2pm same day for interviews today 3/30. If I respond by 4/1 noon then interviews will be the week after that. These were all Skype interviews!
  9. I was offered an interview from CSUEB yesterday but will be declining their invitation as I don't think I will be attending the school regardless. Best of luck if you're still waiting!
  10. Look into Casa Colina in Pomona and Rancho Los Amigos in Downey.
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