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  1. See below (quote): "I don't think any one has made a Facebook group for UoP yet. So I went ahead and made one. To find it, search: University of the Pacific SLP class of 2018 Congrats to all who were accepted this year (: "
  2. Thank you! We are going into a wonderful field, and I have at least 2 training programs that want me, so I feel silly to complain. But it's been so hard to stop focusing on the comment -- like a tooth that's coming out that your tongue is just drawn to wiggle all day. But I know there aren't explanations for some things in life and I did my due diligence by asking why. I feel better focusing on my current program of interest and not the unexplained conversation. How exciting is it to be going to a graduate program in several short months after so much work. Must focus on that. Good luck to yo
  3. Thanks for your feedback. My relationship with this professor is somewhere between the two you described. She knows me well, but I have not sought advice from her and her statement came somewhat out of the blue at a professional event. I appreciate you bringing up trust. My department has a reputation for being "political" and this individual is very high on the totem pole. It is hard to know why she might say such things to not just myself, but other classmates as well, while certain students have no such conversation. I suppose I will have to move on and accept that she had no re
  4. Thank you for your response. I did probe by asking if there were any specific reasons behind it and she said it was "just a feeling." That was what made it difficult to accept or understand. Regardless of why it was said, I am already leaning towards attending another school. I think (as someone who has an extensive pro/con list for each program I have applied to) I was hoping for more of an explanation from my professor. I guess I can assume she just though I would enjoy my experience more and fit in better at this other program. The two programs are very different (as different at SLP MS pro
  5. A professor at my current university heard that I got into another program elsewhere, and promptly told me that I should attend that program. To offer some background, I am hearing back from my current university's program in two weeks and very likely got in. At first I appreciated the advice. But when I asked what her reasoning was, she simply stated, "I just know" and "it's just my intuition." When I discussed it with classmates, I found that several other students were told to go to other universities by the same faculty member. These students and I agreed that the lack of explanation given
  6. Hi! I don't know of one, but I am sure one might form after April 15th when admissions decisions are mostly finalized.
  7. University of the Pacific charges $500 to hold your spot. It is applied to your tuition if you attend in the Fall. The downside is that you are out $500 if you are waitlisted at another desirable program, get a late offer and decide to attend there. :/
  8. I was wait listed for UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON- SEATTLE. I wonder how many people could be waitlisted. UW is the 1st program I heard from -- the second notice was an acceptance to University of the Pacific (Stockton). I really want to go to UW, anybody ever been waitlisted and ended up getting admitted? Or tales of the reverse? Or just commiseration over this drawn-out process? This thread is a space to give us all hope. Please post when you get off any waitlists!
  9. I don't know, but good luck to you! If you don't get an answer here, you can email the graduate coordinator and ask. I am applying to the UW Master's program for this Fall -- I am sure the postbacc program at UW is excellent.
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