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Took the first PowerPrep practice GRE and I am confused...


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I got a 640 Verbal (91%) and 680 Math (70%). However, I missed 9 out of 30 on the Verbal and 12 out of 28 on the math. How can my scores possibly be that high?

Seems really strange.. Especially on te Quantitative: 640 verbal must be around 6-7 mistakes on 30; 680 quantitative around 4-5 of mistakes on 28.. This is according to my Barrons GRE book.

Are you sure about both stats?

If so I really don't know!

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It depends entirely on which questions you missed (each question has a grade of difficulty and has accordingly more or less weight in your overall score)and the sequence in which you missed them. If you got a lot right in a row and missed some here and there your score will be significantly higher than if you miss many at the beginning. This should all be explained within the GRE powerprep software, or on the official ETS website..I forget where.

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It's a computer adaptive test - it starts you at a middle of the row difficulty question and depending on your answer increases or decreases the level of difficulty.It then continues to adjust and since the biggest changes in difficulty (and points) happen at the beginning of the exam, the first 10 questions are worth the most points.

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