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No required supplemental materials?


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So I'm finishing up my apps (ahhhhh) and I've realized that not every school requires everything I thought it would (i.e. one school never asks for a CV or another doesn't ask for a writing sample). However, I just realized that Uottawa doesn't ask for a writing sample, CV, or SOP. Is this possible? I want them to see everything I have to offer and they won't if they don't ask for this!

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For the clinical program, I found this:


Please append a maximum of one page single-spaced, in which you describe your research interests 
and how they relate to the potential thesis supervisors you have listed.
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Huh, that's so strange. I think something's wrong with my online form as it says I have no departmental requirements and when I go to the website and lookup the statement of research interests it says to submit it in that section. 

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I had the same situation, I actually made a table of which schools asked for what so I could see later if it impacted who I heard from.

One school only asked for a 600 word SOP, and another asked for 2,500 word SOP as well as 2,500 word personal statement.

The thing that screwed me up pretty bad was that I tailored my materials for the schools that asked for long statements and then I had to chop them down to as small as 500 words from about 4,000 words total. That hurt.

It also seemed like some schools didn't care that much about their future grad students by the way they engineered their application process.

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