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I'm a PhD student, doing research on social cognition and theory-of-mind.

As a pilot for my new experiment I have made a google form questionnaire.
I'm looking for subjects to fill in the questionnaire. If you are interested you can find the questionnaire and its instruction on the link below:

The task in the questionnaire involves reading as set of short stories and answering simple questions about each. It takes about 1 hour to complete

I hope you get time to participate. Your contribution will be very valuable.

Many thanks in advance.

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I think you will have a hard time finding strangers who will volunteer an hour (or 60-90 minutes, as the ICL says).


Here's an unsolicited tip from a guy who does a lot of online research: Keep it under 15 minutes. Internet people have short attention spans.

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I think some places have virtually no participant pool. I also agree that gradcafe is a terrible recruitment spot... a bunch of senior psych students is just asking for demand characteristics.

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