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Happy New Year!

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Hey folks,


I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year...a year that, for some (or most) of us, will be full of radical changes, new directions, and happy relocations. While I personally vacillate between excitement and dread over the prospects of the next few months, New Year's Day has always been my favorite holiday: there's something about the first day of a brand new year that fills me with hope and optimism. And for this year in particular, that is amplified!


May 2015 bring all of you happiness and good things!



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I second the appreciation for your optimism and good spirits, Wyatt's Torch. :) Just think - as of midnight tonight, we'll be (basically, assuming I haven't messed up the math somehow) equidistant in time from both 2000 and 2030! The latter still sounds like space-age madness to me...


Here's to celebrations and new family members (congratulations, Proflorax!!) and better tomorrows, even if they are space-age. Happy New Year!!

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I'm resolved to get into grad school. I just hope some adcomms are resolved to let me in.


Lol same. I'm resisting a resolution because I'm going to have so much pressure on myself this year anyway with admissions decisions, comps, coursework, and work. 

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