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Doing Pass/Fail in final semester of Undergrad?


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Hi! Sorry, I wasn't sure where else to post this.


I'm currently in my final semester of undergrad, and I was wondering how grad schools will react if they see that I did a Pass/Fail in my final semester. Would it even matter at all? I fully anticipate passing it (of course), but I also don't want them to think I couldn't get an A in the class (1000-level elective that is a lot harder than I thought). It doesn't count towards my degrees or anything... and not even my graduation requirements. It's just an extra class that doesn't really have any bearing on anything, I just needed it to keep myself as a full-time student.


So is this an okay thing to do? I've already been accepted to schools and everything, so that won't be an issue.

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I had a similar issue - in the end I opted to do an independent study and dropped the surprisingly difficult lower level elective.  I would look into other options before doing something pass/fail.  But if you don't have other options then just do it - as long as you haven't taken several pass/fail grades (or W's) already it won't look that bad.

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If you've already been accepted at a school, usually the only issue is if you fail to graduate or your GPA drops below the minimum cut off. Check what conditions have to be met to retain your offer, but I highly doubt taking a pass/fail course will be a problem.

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