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Email or Handwritten thank you note?


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Normally I advocate for handwritten because it's a dying art and personally handwrite thank you cards for every gift/daughter's birthday etc. however, I vote email so it arrives and is read prior to recommendations being sent to committee.

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For what it's worth, I did email. Several profs responded, too. Maybe this is just because I like technology/have bad hand writing, but I prefer email. I might send a hand written note to a letter writer that lives out of state, though...or just type up a thank you and put it in the card. :rolleyes:

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I always send some kind of thank you. For my first three interviews I sent hand-written thank you notes. For my last two interviews I sent e-mails. The emails were nice because almost all of the professors emailed me back with a positive message, which was encouraging! I know they are busy people so I try to keep my thank-you's short - 4 sentences max.

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