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Mechanical Engineering Master of Science Fall 2015

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Applied for couple top MechE grad programs with robotics professors, labs, and research projects, stanford, washu,  berkeley, johns hopkins, cmu, and columbia. Im just posting to see anyone heard from them on the MechE MS program.. if you applied same program, shoot msg to me or keep posting on this!!! Good luck to all!!

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CMU Mech aint out yet! 


The mail what I received from the admission committee said that it would be made available by 15th March.


Pasting what email quoted:


MS admissions decisions are usually released by the second week of March.  Email alerts will be sent shortly after decisions have been made.  You may continue to check the status of your application online through the Apply Yourself website and we would encourage you to do so often.

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I've also applied to MechE master's programs with an interest in robotics. Got rejects from UPenn, Oregon, CMU (no email notification from CMU, had to check the portal). Accepted by Columbia. But I have no idea about the chances of getting RA/TA over there. Without any funding, the fees are just prohibitively high :/

Would really appreciate if someone could tell more about the funding situation at Columbia.

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I'm not familiar with this Oregon Uni, could you please state the full name? I couldn't find one ranked high enough. It is weird that you get rejected by it but get admitted to Columbia.

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