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Still haven't heard anything from any of the 4 schools I applied to..


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So when is an appropriate time to just email the school and ask for an update? 


I'm assuming since I've heard nothing by now, it's probably not a good sign and I'd rather just hear I'm not accepted than wait any longer! 


In the results section, my top school has about 7 people already reporting acceptance at the beginning of February (I didn't even think it was that big of a program so I'm like WTF)! Two of the other schools have nothing reported. And the last has one person reporting an acceptance in the middle of January, and one person claiming an email interview.


Ugghhh this is getting really stressful waiting.

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I'm mostly in the same boat as you. Applied to 14 schools and have heard back from 3, all last week.


With the deadline drawing really close, I'm thinking we're at least waitlisted. Depressing :(

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I'm still waiting on Columbia, USC and NYU-Poly, taking forever to hear back. Just heard from NYU last week and Syracuse today. I also wanted to email them for an update on my application but I decided not to.

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