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From PhD at one to MSc at another


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Guys, I just thought of the following:

(but please do not jump to conclusions about what I am asking, it is not what you might think)


Let`s say I receive an offer from uni 1 on fully funded PhD position for Fall 2015, I accept it, but at the same time I had already applied for MSc program at uni 2 for Spring 2016.

Now, let`s say, I go to uni 1, start doing my PhD for 1-2 months, then I receive an offer on fully funded MSc at uni 2 for Spring 2016, 

will I be able to go for the program at 2 if I leave the program at 1?

what might be the problem here?


p.s. I`m an international student

p.p.s. both unis are in the US

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I'm not exactly sure but you will likely be dropping out from school 1 and enroll school 2. You will need to transfer your SEVIS record to school 2 and get I-20 for school 2. I think there will be no problem but if you decide to go to school 2, why are you going to school 1? Is it caz you are scared if you do not like school 1?

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This seems silly to me. You'd probably be better off just completing the master's at Uni 1 and then dropping out of the PhD program there. If you did a year at University 1, then enrolled in the MSc program at university 2, you'd likely have to repeat all of the coursework, adding a year to the master's program.

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