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Oregon State University


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Hi! I applied to OSU. I was wondering what are my chances of getting in... 


GPA: 3.086

GRE: 159(V), 160(Q), 3.5 (A)

year and a half of research experience, and a year of working in industry


I applied to Chemistry department.  I would really like to go. 


I also have three good recommendation letters. 

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I think your GPA is a bit low, but since you have a decent amount of research experience plus industry experience, that might make up for it. On the other hand, I just took a look at the chemistry program's website and it says they invite accepted students to a recruitment weekend in mid-March. If you weren't invited to that weekend, then it is unlikely you will be accepted. However, I don't know when you applied, so if it was late in the application season, you might have applied too late to be invited and you still may have a shot.

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