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dual degrees and socioeconomic disparities-MPH

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Hello all!


  I just graduated last summer Class of 2014 with degrees in International Studies/Economic Policy and Environmental Studies/Development, with a minor in Public Health. I am really starting to buckle down and am trying to narrow down MPH programs, but just have a few questions.


-Is it worth your time an effort to do a dual MPH/MPP or even MPH/JD (and is an MPP as helpful for policy making?) I want to be able to get the most out of my program, and am not sure whether I would be spread too thin/be unable to really receive the full benefits of either program if I go dual


  • -I figured I could go the MPH public policy route, but am not able to find as much information about policy focused MPH's as I am able to epi focused. Also, I want to be able to gain some sort of marketable/techincal skill, and I think economic policy would be helpful
  • -I am also very interested in environmental health in addition to socioeconomic disparities and it's influence on health. 


How can I narrow down my focus to a field that is interdisciplinary but not too vague or broad? I feel like by choosing one focus, I am leaving out my other two interests even though they all are relevant to each other.


Does anyone know of a good program that focuses on either poverty and environmental health, or emerging/neglected tropical diseases and policy?


I have looked into Tulane, BU, UVA, but get hesitant when looking into super high-caliber programs. I am not cutthroat and don't have the GPA for an Ivy or super prestigious place (though I have a lot of good relevant international experience and did well) on the GRE


Thanks in advance!



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I don't think an MPH/MPP would be worth it, there's TOO much overlap. Maybe an MPH/JD IF the JD is at a top 20 law school and you want to practice law. Otherwise the JD might be interesting but you won't get much ROI as the market is already saturated with JDs. 


I'm not sure what your GPA/GRE scores are, but they might be better than you think. MPH programs aren't really all that competitive, so as long as you did decently well in school and can write a good essay, you shouldn't have too difficult of a time finding a good fit.


Washington University has a trans-disciplinary program you might find interesting. I only know about them specifically because I am going there in the fall, but I think their program has a lot of policy focus as it is in the school of social work. They also let you take classes at the business school, law school, medical school, etc. and really let you customize your curriculum without pigeonholing into a specific concentration, though you can create a concentration if you choose. That's part of what I really liked about them. A lot of schools like Emory, Pitt, and Columbia have additional certificates you can add no matter what your concentration is, so you can get more breadth that way. Just from these forums it sounds like GWU is a good place to go for policy, but I didn't apply there so I don't know much about it.


If your GPA is >3.5 you have a realistic shot at all of those programs I just mentioned. >3.3, a decent shot when combined with other strong application components.

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Hey BuckyIsOurKing,

I am in a similar position. I am interested in working in policy, specifically surrounding racial health disparities. I was an anthropology and biology double major at Emory for undergrad, and I am currently working for an AmeriCorps program on my gap year. I will be applying this fall. If you don't mind me asking, what programs did you decide to apply for? I've been considering a JD/MPH, but am not totally sure it is worth my time. I also would have to take the LSAT, which I know nothing about. 

My top choices are Emory and GW. Holykrp (haha nice username), are you going to WashU in St. Louis? 



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Wow, what a serendipitous moment. Holykrp, thanks for the input! I am migrating more toward an MPH/MCP possibly, but I am still trying to make my final decision.

CB1214, I am looking to start in fall 2016, so I haven't applied anywhere yet coincidentally enough, I just stumbled upon the MPH (CIHR collar program) at U Toronto and it looks amazing. It is probably a reach school but it definitely sounds like a great fit.


RunnerGrad, I plan on looking into details for the application process to UofT for international students, but is there anything else you think I should know about applying to graduate school in Canada?

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