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ThM - should I finish before applying for PhD?


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I know this is a silly question to some of y'all - but as I'm going to do a ThM next year with plans to pursue further education afterwards, I'm not sure exactly how to proceed.


I would want to apply for PhD (2016) this coming fall when I begin my ThM; but that doesn't necessarily make any sense because I won't have any academic record of my ThM yet. Is it normal to wait until after one graduates, then apply? If so, what do you do during that gap year?


Any insights? Comments?


Background of why I'm doing a ThM - I (will soon) have an M.Div with a concentration in theology, I have good grades, good GRE scores, etc. but I'm more interested in Ethics than Systematics, so I'm doing a ThM with an ethics focus to give me more of a background in that area. Pragmatically, my undergraduate (2004) was an alcohol soaked train-wreck, so I'm also trying to put a little more distance between then and now.



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You can write "expected May 2016" or whatever your expected graduation date is on your CV for the ThM. Check CVs of people on academia.edu for the proper format for that. There is no need to wait a whole year after receiving your degree to apply.


You may also want to check whether the schools you are looking into regularly accept students coming from MDiv or ThM programs or whether they prefer students coming from MA programs. My sense is that secular institutions may prefer the MA while divinity schools may be happy to take students coming from MDiv or ThM programs. You could try asking around or contacting the department on that.

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