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School psychology in North America


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Hi everyone,


As I prepare my applications for 2016 (which I'm starting to find programs now and want to start my personal statements by June/July), I'm starting to explore more on school psychology as I'm interested to work with children (always had, especially the younger one). I have a 3.6/4.0 for my last 2 years in undergraduate and about a 80/100 (A-) cumulative. I have experience currently volunteering in the crisis line center and am also completing a peer counseling certificate program in progress (not sure if that'll help). For summer I'm looking to land a volunteer RA position at a research lab to give me some research experience.


I'm mainly looking for school psychology MASTERS program in North America. I am looking for some suggestions for good programs (from good ones, to decent ones that aren't too hard to get in). I was told I have an advantage (at least in Canada) because school psychology programs are primarily dominated by females and hence they have a strong demand for males.


Would anyone be able to suggest programs? I know US is accredited by NASP and Canada by CASP.


Thanks in advance

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Been looking at Canadian schools like UBC and SFU. Definitely interested in the UBC one as it prepares you to become licensed and practice as a professional afterwards. I also see an educational psychology program in SFU but it doesn't seem to offer the same career path/outcomes as the UBC program.


Can anyone shed some light on school psychology masters in Canada?

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well, i do a lot of work in the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology & Special Ed @UBC and i think it's a pretty cool program. 


still, i'd be a little bit suspicious about that claim of "i'd have an advantage because i'm a guy". i'd focus more on other aspects of your application because getting in is pretty darn competitive, but i can ask. 

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Look for specific accreditation standards. The accreditation shows how rigorous the program is nationally, and will hope more marketability after graduation.  For instance, CACREP is a counseling accreditation (also for Mental Health: School Counseling), not sure about specific school psychology accreditation, however. 

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