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Relevant experience for Counseling Psychology Masters?


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So I have a bachelors degree with a major in Economics. I took a number of courses in psychology during my undergraduate studies and then landed up in a job which is not related directly to counseling. 


Right now I want to build up "relevant experience" for my application and cannot understand what that might be and how i will get it without a major in psychology.. Please help..


Also will teaching psychology as a subject at school beef up my app?


Thank you! 

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Masters in Counseling or masters in psychology? Most of the counseling psychology programs are disappearing due to professional accreditation agents. Professional accreditation goes to Mental Health Counseling programs, but not to Counseling Psychology ones. 


If you are looking at a masters in counseling, teaching helps, but they prefer TSS work, direct care (with mental illness, developmental disabilities, drugs and alcohol, etc), crisis hot-line volunteer work, etc. Stuff that shows you are a helping professional.


Currently, the summer has a ton of opportunities for camp counselor positions with special needs clients (or any kids really). 


If, however, you mean more psychology driven, teaching psychology would definitely be a great thing to get on your application and counseling research involvement (think evidence-based practice research). Having the volunteer/direct care work would help, but not nearly as much. 

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If you're interested in counseling, check out clinical social work masters programs. You can do PT work in community health centers, hospitals, etc to get experience.

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Hospital volunteering, BBBS, working with children, finding a laboratory at your institution looking for volunteers (research experience, even if unpaid or new to you, might be helpful), addiction transition facilities if they run daytime programs that require external help.  Check out the alzheimer's society in your province for options too!

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