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Hi everyone,


I'm new to thegradcafe and will be taking the GRE sometime this summer. I have been looking at different online prep classes and EmpowerGRE seems to have a lot of positive reviews. I'd really appreciate feedback from anyone who used EmpowerGRE for studying.



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I just signed up for it today, and will follow the three-month study plan. Feeling optimistic. 

Have you checked out the videos on the website, Thisisgaby? That will give you a feel for the program.

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Hi thisisgaby, I'm taking EmpowerGRE too. I'm in stage 4 of 5 in the course right now, and my MST scores are up to 322 on my last test. Keep in mind that I started with 294. I'd totally recommend the course to anyone, for a few reasons. The course covers the content and some really powerful strategies such test it, and especially triage. Triage is rad. You can basically  increase your score if you know which questions to let go of on purpose. I couldn't tell you the precise amount of points that's gotten me, but it has to be a good share. The vocab modules are also really clever. They don't go in aphabetical order, they go in order of frequency, so you can learn more of the familiar words early on. That helped boost my confidence. The other thing is the teaching method. The instructors just have this comforting, confidence building style. As crazy as it sounds, I actually can't wait to take the GRE. Empower is just an all around great GRE course. So far I've recommended it to at least 10 people. Some of them have started already, and they all say the same things I am.


Also, here are the samples that med latte is talking about: http://www.empowergre.com/the-course/ Click the "play samples" button to load the lessons.

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