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How Do I Get Letters of Recommendation?

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Hi all! I'm relatively new to the forum (I've been primarily posting in the sociology forum), so I apologize if my post is misplaced.


I will be applying to graduate schools this coming fall. Ultimately, I would like to get my PhD in sociology. Despite my PhD goals, I am strongly considering applying to some terminal MA programs in comms. My main question is how would I go about getting letters of rec for applying to comms programs? My undergrad degree will be in political science and sociology, and I've only taken two comms classes (one of those being public speaking). I'm a member of my school's debate team, so I've gotten to know some of the comms professors through that but I feel like not having a major or even a minor in comms could end up hurting me because I don't have many individuals from within the field to vouch for my abilities. How do programs generally look at letters of rec from professors outside their particular program's field of study? Granted, some of the things I've studied in sociology (i.e., symbolic interactionism and group solidarity) are also studied in comms, just through a different lens in certain instances. I'd like to study critical communication theory, but my original concern about being outside of the field still makes me unsure about even applying.


Have any of you gone through a similar situation? If so, how did it work out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hi! I have strong ties to sociology and until I ran across the communication program I'm in thought I was going to pursue a PhD in that discipline.  Now I'm a critical, political communication scholar. I found that what mattered to my application was being able to express why I wanted the communication degree (I focus on how communication shapes society and how the ways we communicate not only express messages but act to control/exert power) versus who my letters of recommendation were from. When I applied to my program my references were from political science, geography, and emergency management. The ability of letter writers to address my academic abilities knowledgeably mattered much more than the disciplines those letter writers came from. 


That said, the communication program I am in focuses on communication as a social science. You might have a different experience if you apply to programs that focus on communication as a humanity. 


Finally, if you want to get a doctorate in sociology you might consider applying to masters programs at schools that have PhD programs in sociology as well and take classes outside the department. That could potentially make the application process easier. 

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