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My PHD Supervisor steal my PHD ideas


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I am a phd student this is my fourth year. my problem is that when I started my study my english was weak and many people was saying that I had social anixity including my supervisor. So he stop following me at all and he asked me to submit a three topics for him for my phd and when I did he toke the topics and gave them to another student who had no topics and make a proposal with that student to get fund. He never told me that I have no topics any more but he is totally uninterested in what I am doing and he don't follow me at all as to now I submit a conference paper describing what I am going to do in some detail and I am almost done with my work but I am afraid at the end I will have no contributions I am a little bit afraid what you think guys?

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I am a bit confused with your post. You are a 4th year PhD student and still no research topic? What is your field? (if you don't mind disclosing it)


What is that conference paper about if you don't have a topic? Can you discuss what happened to you with your supervisor? Ask him why he asked you to submit research topics that ended up assigned to somebody else and what you should do about it. If you -for what I gather from your post- have an uninterested supervisor, then you must be the one being proactive about your problem. Ask your Supervisor about your research. I mean, you are a 4th year PhD student and you should graduate quite soon. You definitely need to discuss this with your Supervisor and your thesis committee (I guess you have one). If nobody is paying attention to you, you should be the one taking the lead, because, honestly, nobody cares more about your graduation time and your research than yourself.


What do you mean with "at the end I will have no contributions"? Are you afraid that you will submit a paper and get no mentorship and guidance from your thesis advisor?


Last but not least:

This is a very friendly advice from someone whose native language is not English, just like you: you do need to practice your English a bit more. I know that many international student end up hanging out with other students from their home countries or general region because of homesickness, because it is easier to hang out with people who know your language and culture and "gets" the joke. But I think that if we move to a different country, with different culture and different language, we should try to get the most out of our experience. Not just the the academic level, but also the cultural, language and friendship one as well. My two best friends during my Master's years were two American girls, one of them, a girl from a very tiny town in the Midwest, the other one, from a large city in the pacific northwest. Even though I am back home, we still keep in touch, one visited me here in my home country and I can tell you that besides being their friendship a great treasure for me, they both taught me A LOT  of English, not only proper words, but also slang, correct pronunciation and the so many different meanings of a simple sentence.


I hope you don't feel offended by my post. It is just a friendly advice :)

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Did OP communicate with the PI? I prefer to take the initiative and talk to my PI, instead of having my PI "following me". I think OP has a communication problem with the PI, and it is something that needs to be address ASAP, after all these years.


ps. to clarify, I'm talking about communication, not language per se.

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