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Hey i am a perspective student for MSW programs located in Ca.


I have been doing a bit of research how ever i still have one year left as an undergrad at CSUDH. My major is Human Services and i am completing my first internship this year with JumpStart( working in children in educational setting.) 

I see so many people on here that have years worth of experience and i am just starting and i am nervous that i started to late to begin volunteer work. 

My gpa is currently at a 3.3(not to bad). i finish fall 2016 and plan on applying to CSUDH,CSULA as of now. These two schools have great values and focuses. I plan on adding my school i am just not sure how many. Due to me finishing in the fall i will have a gap to further enhance my application which i want to work on my experience. 


Any tips that current msw students can give me on my gpa and just giving me an heads up on what to expect from the two schools i listed above. Are these two schools hard to get into? What is the admission process? Pros and Cons? 

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Not to be rude, but I would suggest upping your grammar and spelling levels before applying because first impressions count. Other than that, talk to grad students at your current school and researchers who may be able to give you a better insight than those of us here.

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sorry, have to agree with piglet. I opened this bc it says perspective instead of prospective.

but yeah, try to get experience in the field between your studies. your gpa is average so you're going to need to beef up your resume as much as possible.

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I also agree with the others. It is important to develop your grammar and writing skills. Some ways to practice that is to write in complete sentences when texting friends, speak the way you write (for example, if you write "I want to go the store." Say it exactly like that. That forces you to hear out loud what you are writing), and spend some time in the writing center). Additionally, speak with Cheryl and Miami in SCC 300 on how to improve or develop a portfolio and to identify and locate agencies where you can gain relevant social work experience. If possible, do not limit yourself to Jumpstart. Be active in other ways on campus. 


As for the MSW application process, here are some of my tips:

1. Find the prompts for each school and begin working on your personal statements

2. Don't forget to complete the CSU Mentor application and submit the fee before the due date

3. Compete a resume for your application, see Cheryl in SCC 300 for help

4. Make a list of recommenders and ask them at least 3 months in advance to compete the letter of recommendation

5. Attend the information sessions

6. Make copies of your applications and all documents you submit

7. Don't forget official transcripts


The social work programs can be very competitive. You must develop your own pros and cons. Furthermore, look into other programs in addition to the social work programs. (i.e., Master of Counseling at Loyola Marymount University, occupational therapy, Marriage, Family, Therapy, etc.)


In essence, what are your career and educational goals?

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Ok wow on the coments about grammar, each are true and that's one way to be disqualified from any program because of grammar mistakes in your essay. Both programs are good in different perspectives. CSUDH focuses on the Critical Race Theory approach and CSULA focus is more generalize social work perspective. It all depends on what you want to gain from the program. I am currently starting my 1st year with CSUDH and I'm excited to see how the program's focus on critical race theory can contribute more to my knowledge of social work and mental health within the community. Also I am a alumni (June 2012) of Jump Start. Great program and I advise you to gain as much knowledge you can with motivational interviewing skills and progress note taking. The staff is very helpful in the program and with placements. You can also gain employment either from your placement or with another agency that is looking for assistance.

As far a applying, your GPA needs to be a 3.0 in the last 60 units and if the program requires the GRE take it and get a good score. I personally didn't apply to school that required the GRE because I don't like or agree with taking a test to get into graduate school. And it's a must that your essay for the application be very impressive and answer all the questions asked. Don't write less than what's asked of the pages for the essay either.

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